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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 30, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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yesterday and addressed the matter with chris. there's no place for discrimination within our organization at any level, we have and always will proudly support the lgbt community, end quote. that statement coming from the san francisco 49ers, shortly the comments from chris culliver, he has flown under the radar so far at the super bowl but he will be available tomorrow and the 49ers will make him available and he will be answering to some of those questions, raj? >> thank you, unfortunate for the timing and unfortunate the comments all together. you may remember ten years ago, the 49ers were also in the situation when their star running back made anti-gay comments and the 49ers were in damage control. now this whole thing started because of qw -- because of can kwame harris, it is known that he is a gay player. and tonight he released a statement to us.
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it reads, it's surprising that in 2013, chris culliver would use his 15 minutes to spread visit roll and hate. i recognize that these are comments that he may come to regret and that he may come to see that gay people are not so different than straight people. from new orleans to the bay area, super bowl sunday will likely be a wild one, and hopefully not a bad one. the latest plans to keep fans safe, include plans to reroute the buses. >> a push for tougher gun laws got help from a powerful supporter today. former congresswoman gaby giffords whose career was ended when she was shot in the head, she testified inventory of a senate committee. and there's a new push to get guns on y s out of the hands of criminals. we begin in washington. >> good evening, opponents to
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ginn control were unswayed by the congresswoman's emotional words. republicans and democrats with high gun ownership are hesitating on the issue. >> senators had the fresh reminder of the conquestions of gun violence. an honor student and performer in last week's inaugural fenaui activities she was killed in a park. >> and another shooting in phoenix left one dead and several others wounded. gabrielle giffords, the former congresswoman critically wounded by a begunman pleaded for action. >> be bold, be courageous, americans are counting on you. >> giffords' husband argued for background checks. >> she'd not have been sitting here today if with we had stronger background checks. >> the hearing on how to prevent
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gun violence is in response to the shooting mass car in newtown, connecticut last month. the president weighed in during an interview. >> even if it does not save every person who is a potential victim of gun violence, but we save a few, you know, if we don't do that, shame on us. >> president obama has called for tougher laws and including an assault weapon's ban and limits on high capacity jeans. >> law abiding gun owners will not accept blame for the acts of violate or deranged criminals nor do we believe that government should dictate what we can own and use to protect our families. >> the national rifle association intensely opposes any new legislation. conservative republicans are backing the nra. >> and i fail to see how passing additional laws that the department of justice will not enforce is going to make america any safer. >> it's clear, common ground on gun control may be hard to find. >> since the newtown shooting,
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lawmakers have introduced no less than eight gun control bills. right now the best chance for legislation appears to be in the areas of background checks and mental health care. >> thank you, and this is a list now you do not want to be on t there's hundreds of people in santa clare a county alone that own guns illegally and deputies are now cracking down. we are in the sheriff's office. tell us about the list? >> well, raj, these are people who purchased a gun legally, then did something to disqualify themselves from owning a gun by committing a felony perhaps. the sheriff's office said in this county alone, there are 529 people who fit that description, and combined they own more than 1200 guns. the sheriff said that thes of will look at each case individually to see how the deputies will go about getting the guns back and if it takes a
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swat team knocking on the doors of the individuals her deputies are ready do. that the sheriff hopes that some of the individual ls give up their guns by volunteer. and they will have a buy back event where the people can drop their guns no questions ask. the first targeted on the list, those that own assault rifles. the community is concerned about this, we know it exists and that's why we are going to do kind of a hard hitting plan of getting these guns away from the people. particularly the assault rifles. >> the sheriff said that the office has been pro active with people on the prohibited list, released by the department of justice. she said that deputies have already taken some of those guns off the streets. but the sheriff admits there are people on the list that moved, now it's a matter of tracking
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those people and see if they are still in the county and if they own the guns. nbc bay area news. >> thank you, a plan to arm teachers and other staff at california schools was introduced in sacramento today by a republican aassembly man. it was proposed that they authorize school districts to use general funds to train and qualify teachers, administrators and janitors to carry concealed firearms on campus. they would be considered school martials, not unlike err mart l martials. >> more on that story, we first brought you last night, san francisco police have reopened the case of missing child kevin collins, the 10-year-old disappeared from a bus stop almost 30 years ago. now, yesterday, officers searched the home and discovered bones under a concrete floor.
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you see some of the clean up video here, the bones are being tested today, but the officials are saying that it looks more like animal remains. a person of interest lived in the home when kevin disappeared, but have not identified him yet or explained what led them to reexamine the home. >> the punishment for the august sixth fire at the bp refinery that gas and black smoke over several nearby neighborhoods, they said that the investigators found quote, willful violations in she have ron's response before, and during and after the fire. in a statement today, the company disputed that claim saying, although we acknowledge that we failed to live up to our own expectations in this incident, we do not agree with several of the findings. >> still ahead, documenting how we got here t silicone valley
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reality show that is also real. >> and it was chaos on some of the streets here in san francisco, when the giants won the world series in october. what city leaders are doing to try to prevent a repeat this super bowl sunday. >> plus, 49ers fans knows no bounds or size. the little fan that was not letting his hospital stay effect his super bowl plans. even got advice for the team. >> and good afternoon, i'm in the nbc bay area weather center. major warming today, look at this, the south bay, some of the warmest temperatures. san jose at 67. we are tracking that warmup and the air quality and the pollen, coming up in a few minutes.
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>> we are following breaking news in san jose this evening, where right now police are on the scene of a shooting.
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this is in east san jose, right off 101, not far from the airport. a man was found shot just after 4:00 this afternoon, he has been rushed to a local hospital with what police say are life threatening injuries. >> okay, question of the day, to buy or not to buy, that is what investors want to know after facebook opens the books. for is answer, we check in with scott budman. how is business? >> business is looking up at facebook, the social network reported quarterly earnings and a lot of questions have been answered. they have figured out how the make money in mobile. that is good news, because the majority of the users access it on the mobile devices. a rise in advertising boosted the bottom line. facebook stock down 1% in after hours trading never the less. from the ultra modern silicone
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valley company, we go to some history. there's a show, it will show what really happened to intel and hw, as they were built. building the he can the industry and changing history. >> i think the silicone valley tv series had nothing to do with reality. this is the reality. these are real people doing extraordinary things. i mean, you don't have to make up stories. you don't have to create a reality, the reality of the history is wild enough and crazy enough to fill 20 novels. >> it brings together many of the traittraitorous eight that d intel. pbs is hosting the documentary and it will launch on pbs this coming tuesday. >> thank you, scott. >> thix people were arrested,
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dumpsters were set on fire and there were thousands of dollars in property damage, that was the aftermath of the giants winning the world series, today, city leaders toured businesses in the hardest hit neighborhood of all. assuring people in that area that there will be extra eyes and ears during the super bowl. talk is cheap, can they deliver here to help the businesses stay protected? >> well, the city leaders delivered a strong message today, we are a bit further in the mission district, but pockets of the street were hit whack in october. no place was left untouched, even the police sub station was vandalized with reports of people throwing bolgss at police officers. so it got pretty bad. you may remember the footage when the guys were torching appear bus and smashing in the windshield. today the mayor, toured the
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businesses delivering the message that illegal activity will not be tolerated. >> and he was very nice, a very nice feeling, it gives you confidence that they are on top of things. making sure everything is going to be okay. >> please don't act out after this thing, have a great time, if somebody is going to give us the video and you don't want to be apologizing after the fact and looking at a life changing experience because you did manage stupid celebrating a great win. >> there were 12 arrests after the nfc championship this year, police chief said that the plan was so successful that the department sent home officers early and saved 1/3 of the ot that would have been spent. he said that there will be double the number of officers in the street in san francisco compared to when the giants won the world series. as to what others are doing, the buses are prepared to be rerouted and will tweet updates. a big problem you may remember,
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trash bins, dozens of them were lit on fire, this year, pick up times have been rea ranged so there's less fuel out there and we spoke with other people, including two women that said they are nervous about the super bowl sunday. we will hear from them at 6:00. >> okay. thank you. well, perhaps the biggest niners fan in the bay area is really just pint sized. he may be 7-year-old, but he has a mancave in an unlikely place. he has turned his room into 49ers fan zone. a heart defect means he will host his super bowl party from his hospital bed. eventually he will be in line for a heart transplant. for now, it's all about the super bowl and he has a message. >> win. >> just win, huh? >> make the 49ers win. tell them to win. >> eventually, his plan is when he gets his new heart to play football or to be a coach or be
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somewhere on the field with the players, and you know, whether it's a doctor or a coach, or announcer, what not, his goal is to be on the field. some way, somehow. >> maybe a visit to jacob from a 49ers would be nice. he predicts the score would be, niners 34, ravens 0. >> wow. >> that is -- 34-0. >> let's hope he is right. that's good. >> here are our numbers. jeff with forecast numbers. >> yes, we are going here for the gold when it comes to a lot of the weather across the bay area lately. the temperatures in the upper 60s and the huge difference, the winds starting to shift off shore out of the north and also to the east. it's 5-10 miles an hour. but right here, across the east bay that has been good enough to give us the upper 60s and low 70s. unfortunately if you do suffer from allergies, it's going to make it worse. tree pollen is off the charts the next 24 hours.
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also, alder juniper and ash are in the moderate cares. let's go to the kai camera network on this wednesday and you can see, we have the sunsetting and a little bit of haze back toward the hills. otherwise a gorgeous afternoon. right now, some of the air traffic there in the middle part of your screen, we have moderate air quality, we will go down to the san francisco area, it's a gorgeous night tonight with a wide array of colors, and we will see great sunrises and sunsets with the pollution in the atmosphere. if you are here visiting on vacation, you hit the yak pot when it comes to the weather right now. you usually do not see this weather until april and may. high pressure is anchored in the west, and it's steering all the storm activity way up to alaska. eventually we will get a small section of this in that seven-day forecast, at least,
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for the next two days, we are going to be under the mild trend with a lot of sunshine and temperatures that will be about 10 degrees above average. not only upper 60s to 70 for thursday, but also as we head to friday, we will undergo rare winter warmth. santa cruz 70, palo alto 70, and here is the other side of the coin, we need the rain. san jose only .69 of an inch, and not even a quarter of what we should have this time of the year gorman this month. so, looks like we will get the rainfall again increasing here in the seven-day forecast, otherwise for tomorrow, chilly with 30s in the north bay, 36 in livermore and 42 in san jose, and 41 in loss gat ois and an incredible afternoon thursday. 68 in santa rosa, and 70 in gillroy, with 68 in san jose. so, sunny and and dry all the
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way through saturday, numbers start to whaback off as we go to the weekend. primarily on wednesday and thursday of next week, if forecast models line up, we could see a storm system that has a half inch to an inch and a half of rain. that will be much needed and welcomed here across the bay area. >> looking good. >> yeah, not too bad. >> thanks. >> yes, sir. >> still to come, a cruel hoax, why did he do it? the man accused of playing a prank offers reasons for the motive. >> the parents with a couple of super bowl coaches for sons. with a shout out.
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>> a bay area man is suing the boy scouts of america, he said that he was sexually abused by a scout leader 30 years ago. he was frequently abused by his
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scout master, beginning when he was just 14 years old. he said that he filed a suit as a message to other former boy scouts who were abused. today's case was the latest in the tring of sexual abuse lawsuits against the boy scouts of america and the affiliates. the national council has yet to comment on the suit. >> and now to the latest of the manti tayou host. dr. phil sat down with the man that played the hoax. he said that he started to develop feelings with the player. and that made him confused about his sexuality. he said that it was his voice on the phone and that the player had no role in the hoax. >> if you think that jim harbaugh is passionate about football. wait until you meet the parents.
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>> safe and sound, an update to the story that we brought you at the top of the news cast. firefighters did manage to rescue the white dog that you see there, the dog was trapped ever after falling over the side. the dog's 45-year-old owner fell down the cliff also, trying get the dog back up. which is about 75 feet down. the woman though is reported in series condition. the dog is doing okay. this is the second time, just this week that the park has had to come out and try to rescue a dog and its owners, they say it happens quite a bit, about eight times a year. >> well the most talked about parents in america, at least this week they are, jack and jackie harbaugh, as in the proud parents of jim and john,
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tonight, dad tells us he is no more proud today than when watching had his boys play growing up in palo alto. >> some of the best moments we had was in the high school. we used to play on friday afternoons and we came down and watched. >> they are all hanging out in palo alto and now they are all hanging out in new orleans. we will have more with the harbaugh parents at 6:00. >> we will see you then. bye-bye. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals
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on our broadcast tonight, the time is now. that's a quote from a dramatic appeal from gabby giffords, pleading with congress to act on guns while the head of the nra says not so fast.
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all of this played out at the very moment we heard of another shooting spree. a deadly outbreak of tornadoes tearing up part of the south, along a dangerous line of colliding winter and summer weather that is visible from space. direct strike. israel has now attacked syria in an air strike. what does this mean for this very dangerous civil war? and all the nations nearby? and the parent trap. if you think it's tough cheering for your kids on the sidelines, imagine your kids are the opposing coaches in the super bowl. tonight, we'll hear from their folks. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >> good evening. it takes just a moment to remember back clearly to the very moment we learned about the shootings at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. to remember how shocked we all were and how sad and sorry a scene that was. well


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